Revised Work Plans Finalised

We are grateful for all the divergent view received from the community. We've taken these views into account and removed some areas from the proposal based on amenity value to the community, and will talk to the community in the future about the appropriate way to manage these trees.

We were pleased as part of the process to have the opportunity to meet with some of the youth involved in creating the cycle tracks and while we have some concerns around health and safety issues look forward to working with them and the wider community to envision a facility that complies with regulations and meets their needs.

We've also taken on board feedback from Fire and Emergency New Zealand specialists who were in Twizel during the Pukaki Downs Fire - and will incorporate this advice into future planning around management of tress in and around our townships.

The final maps have been attached (see the column on the right of this webpage) and we have authorised ECAN to proceed on a revised basis. Councillors will also be asked to approve funds for some landscaping work to ensure cleared areas are left in an appropriate and attractive way.

A – main central area of Lake Ruataniwha, next to SI Rowing. Clusters must be left (as in the attached plan) and develop this area and put into grass. Has MDC a parks and rec budget to do this in Spring?

B – the centre of the peninsula DELETE

C – bank on Max Smith Drive, opposite Ostler Road (we would need to define the area here a bit better, idea would be to create a view shaft) Maybe redefine, however the view shaft is a positive move.

D – we only briefly mentioned this and I’m not sure it is all our land. This area includes the boat ramps and the freedom camping area – this would need more discussion DELETE

E – triangle outside of Resource Recovery Park site.

F – inside Resource Recovery Park site, would most likely be limited to Hooker Cres side Trees required for screening from roadside.

G – this is the dog pound DELETE Trees required for screening from roadside.

H – the inside of the landfill hill DELETE to preserve bike tracks in place.

I – the outside bank/Ohau Road side of the landfill hill DELETE to preserve bike tracks in place.

J – Man made hill/golf club area Proceed, as general coconscious the area was a mess.

K – strip along SH8 Needs a replanting programme of deciduous trees to improve the entrance to the town.

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